Transcriptions transltion services in Dubai

Quality transcription service that you’ve been looking for

Transcripts are spoken words turned into written ones. If you have a video or an audio tape and you want to turn it into a transcript, then here is where you find the best service.

This can be in a form of a session, a lecture, conference proceedings, a keynote speech, criminal investigation, etc…

As you know, the process of transcription requires a great deal of accuracy, precision and focus.

We pride ourselves at our qualified human transcriptionists who are able to provide you with the fastest and most reliable service. They are trained to listen carefully to your audio recording. They have good listening skills and excellent fast typing speed. They know how to tackle recordings with low-level clarity. They are resilient and committed to finish the job no matter how bad is the quality of recording. They use the power of context to decipher any complex or less used words. They depend on their quality knowledge of the language and the subject matter of the recording to give the trusted written account. They use correct English with regard to grammar, punctuation, spelling and sentence structure. They consult dictionaries, terminology references, and glossaries to find out in case of difficulty.

With all these skills at your disposal, you need not to worry about meeting your transcription deadlines. Once a promise is given, you can rest assured that the promise will be fulfilled. All you have to do is to let us take the mission from here.

It’s easy to submit your video or audio file.

We will look at your video or audio submission, and will let you know of what is required to return it back transcribed. With excellence customer service and competitive service rate, you will find our service incomparable to others.

Elaph transcription solutions offer you the flexibility needed to have your audio and video documented.