The Graduation of a New Batch of “MARIS”

- ELaph CSR - The Graduation of a New Batch of “MARIS”

The Graduation of a New Batch of “MARIS”

Elaph announced the graduation of a new batch of 25 promising youth who have been trained on various translation techniques through the “MARIS” initiative. This initiative aims to enrich the field of translation in the Arab world through enhancing the skills of translators and providing them with the required technical and practical skills to be qualified to work as professional translators.

After carrying out a set of practical tests, Elaph decided to appoint 10 of the most brilliant graduates of “MARIS” to positions in various departments throughout the company. All graduates of the initiative received 50 hours of training, with a special focus on the practical side of translation, in the form of workshops carried out in the real working environment in one of the Arab world’s leading translation companies. Those who wish to participate in the initiative can enroll in the training sessions that Elaph provides, which are completely free of any charges.



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