Software Internationalization

- Software Internationalization
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Expand your outreach through our services for software product adaptation according to linguistic, cultural and technical standards and norms.

Nowadays, when software companies plan to introduce a new application they think beyond their local market.

There is where we can help these companies.

So if you are still in the design process of your software application and you have the intent to offer it for international markets, we can offer you an advice.

You should make sure that you would be able to adapt your software or application to different languages and regions, without having later to implement drastic changes to the code or the design of your software.

This is called internationalization.

Why internationalize/localize?

The benefits of internationalization include the following:

  • You will have your software in one international source code with one version for multiple markets
  • You will have simpler adaptation requirements when you localize your software application
  • You will reduce time and expense
  • You adhere to the international standards
  • You simplify the maintenance process
  • You neutralize your software in terms of cultural conventions and linguistic character sets
  • You have a software that is compliant with third party tools
  • You accommodate right-to-left language like Arabic
What if you don’t localize your software?

Most probably, you will have frustrated users or customers over the lack of their usual currency, or shorter or longer text boxes for their content, and many other frustrations.

Paying attention to these considerations while you are still in the design and development stage of your product is critical.

This will put the burden of internationalization stage on the shoulders of your team of engineers.

But at Elaph translation, we offer you full-fledged consulting services so these processes can be smooth and problem free.