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Translation is more than replacing one English word with an Arabic one.

What is more than that?

A skilled translator can bring the best of your English copy. A dumb one can bring the worst of it.

In fact, due to the dominance of bad translation, the word ‘translation’ now is used in the derogatory sense. When you come across a badly written text, you immediately say ‘this is translation’ or ‘this looks like translation’. You can’t decipher the meaning. Or you sense the awkwardness of the copy. Or you simply don’t like the writing style.

All of these defects can be a result of translation. But a translated text is not to blame. Bad translation is to blame.

Many translation services in Dubai contributed to this image of translation. And ever since we established Elaph, we set on a journey to correct this track. Business owners have their share too.

They are the decision makers when it comes to picking a translation service in Dubai for their translation projects.

How come? You ask.

When you hire for your business, you explore all avenues to choose those employees who have the best understanding of your industry, of your market, of each and every details of your sector. Likewise, when you choose your translator, you have to do the same.

What prevents you from doing that? Translation cost. Translation deadline?

With a little planning, you can hire a reputable translation service in Dubai that delivers on its words. That delivers on your words. That helps you gain the next piece of the business cake. All you have to do is to choose carefully.

Go for a translation service in Dubai that has full understanding of your business, your industry, your image. Not only that. Also, full understanding of Arabic language and culture.

Translators are image makers. So pick those who can make your image shine.