Subtitling Services in Dubai, Subtitling Process by Elaph Translation

These lines give you a taste of how we handle your project in our subtitling process. We subject the transcription of the dialogue or narration to an operation called spotting. This means we divide the text into segments each of which complies with time limits. Then each segment is transcribed and embedded in your video material.

Subtiting Services in dubai

Subtitling is a special case of translation due to the level of technicality required. To be a success, a subtitle has to meet certain conditions. This process walks your through the steps we follow towards such noble aim.

how-subtitling-is-done: client brief
Client Brief

As an owner of the project, no one will be more knowledgeable than you with regard to the uses of the subtitles. We sit together to outline the specifics of your project.

how-subtitling-is-done: preparation

Search is an integral part of any worthwhile job. We will do our search in view of the details of your job and will come up with the most viable solution considering available resources. We are resourceful. Don’t worry.

how-subtitling-is-done: Assignment

Having reviewed our proposal, you give your green light for us to go ahead with what we have proposed.

how-subtitling-is-done: transcription

Prior to any further work, the dialogue and other oral events of your video material will be put in a written format. In more concise words, we transcribe your video.

how-subtitling-is-done: synchronization

In this step, we will match scenes with segments of dialogues or narration. Length of subtitles are checked and space and time requirements are met.

how-subtitling-is-done: translation

A translator experienced in audiovisual translation is given the text to translate. Though he is not the last authority when it comes to the final product, our subtitlers are well aware that subtitles have a distinct nature and have to be tackledwith a different approach.

how-subtitling-is-done: optimization

One difficulty of subtitling is the co-existence of the source and the target in the same frame. You can’t ignore that audience will compare both the spoken and the written messages. Therefore, optimization of the resulted subtitle will be carried out for both screen purposes and audience experience.

how-subtitling-is-done: embedding

Once satisfied with the optimized copy of subtitles, we will integrate subtitles with the video material.

how-subtitling-is-done: client review
Client Review

You will watch your project and answer our simple question: what do you think? We will go back to the project armed with your feedback and hone every little detail of the job.

how-subtitling-is-done: quality assurance
Quality Assurance

Our task here that all details in the subtitled movie or show are given the amount of care necessary to give your audience memorable experience.

how-subtitling-is-done: submission

Nothing left to say except that you give your blissful OK; then we submit our work with pride and a promise to be available for any future assistance. You know… as they say ‘after-sale service’. Good luck.

Subtitling converts spoken word into written whether in the same language or in another language through translation. Elaph Translation covers all aspects of the process.