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Elaph Legal Translation is a certified legal translation company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Legal translation requires very specialist knowledge; the wording for this type of document is very exact and can have no ambiguity. Getting the translation of a legal document wrong can cause confusion, frustration, undue delay and a huge cost.

That's why – for your peace of mind – we only use translators who are suitably qualified to translate legal documents.

Whether you require the translation of a contract, summons, complaint or the transcription of an evidentiary tape, you can be assured that the translated document we return to you will be 100% correct.

Our translators not only understand legal terminology but also have an understanding of the common law and civil law legal systems that are the used throughout the world.

Certified Legal Interpreters

We provide expert legal interpreters that can instantaneously translate complex legal procedures, never failing to use the accurate legal phrase pertaining to the conversation or deposition.

Banking and Financial Law
Legal Translation Offices

Our financial translators have worked with domestic and foreign banks, insurance companies, broker-dealers and investment groups. They have extensive knowledge of finance and banking practice, including in some cases in-house experience of working with major institutions.

This gives them a perspective that is highly focused on the client business objectives, and a technical knowledge of the financial service industry's special regulatory requirements. Our banking and financial translators can thus be trusted to translate:

Corporate Law
Legal Translation companies

We have helped numerous companies/ corporates to establish businesses overseas by offering faultless translations of elements such as:

We work closely with government agencies and foreign authorities so as to comply with every significant stage of legalising official documents. In addition we assist our corporate clients with their everyday legal translation needs such as: