Dedicated translation unit

What if you needs exceed one or a few dedicated translators?

Elaph can create a complete dedicated translation unit for you, staffing it with translators, revisers, editors, proofreaders and desktop designers, and your own projects manager if needed. Providing them with the working space, infrastructure and training as well as conforming to the best industry practices in translation services. You can make use of Elaph’s experience in creating and managing your own cutting edge translation department.

The solution is also highly customizable, if you are not sure about the number of dedicated staff your operation needs or if you are faced by a temporary surge of work volume, we can always provide you with the option to add the use of shared resources if your operations requires it, or scale up the number of dedicated resources, the option is always yours.

As for confidentiality; all the work we receive in Elaph fall by default under a strict non-disclosure policy, additional NDAs are also signed when requested, and we haven't had a single incident of breach of confidentiality since or foundation, however, if you prefer to limit the exposure of your work it can be limited to your internal translation unit staff only.

In-House translator(s)