Ammar El-Gohary

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Ammar El-Gohary


Ammar was appointed CEO of Elaph Translation in 2011, guiding our team in pursuit of providing our clients with the highest quality service as one of the top 5 language service providers in the UAE and the Middle East. With more than ten years of solid experience in creating business models for the translation services companies in the region, Ammar began his career in translation services as Business Development Manager at a reputable Egyptian Translation Services Comapny, later advancing to Executive Manager. He joined Elaph Translation in October of 2009, taking responsibility for the business development of all three branches (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Cairo), while also overseeing the executive management of the Cairo branch. He is a certified ISO 19011 and EN 15035 lead auditor and has developed a reputation as one of the best translation industry consultants.