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Nobody starts from the top. We know.

Dubai translation services

But when we seek someone to serve us we prefer the expert. This comes without thinking. English Arabic translation service is no different.

In Translation Experience Matters.

Elaph Translation has a track record that denotes reliability and professionality to the max. Testimonials of our experience talk on behalf of us. You will find it scattered throughout our website. What challenges can you have when seeking translation service.


You may commit your translation project to a translation agency that has no resources. They pay you lip service, but when it comes to delivery, excuses replace promises and assurances.

You may entrust your translation job to a freelance Arabic translator. You count on them. But unfortunately, you will never hear of them again. Why? Well… they might not be able to deliver. Even when they deliver. They may not be able to do due diligence by researching your business.

In this case, you may find your business name changed. And then, you realize that not all translators are alike.

What about other challenges?
Dubai translation services

You may have your marketing materials translated in Arabic that is semi Arabic. Barely understandable. Your translator rushes to deliver on time, and the result is no better than machine translation. Yes, you can face any of these situations.

Elaph Translation is determined to save your reputation via translation.

Call us or let’s call you. Send us an email.

We are very happy with Elaph Translation professionalism and deadlines meeting, they are highly cooperative, fast reacting and extremely professional.

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Translation is more than replacing one English word with an Arabic one.

What is more than that?

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