Interpreting Equipment Rental Solutions and Services

- Interpreting Equipment Rental Solutions and Services
Equibment Rental Services in Dubai

Hi-tech Conference-interpreting Equipment

If all that is needed for translation is a computer and a translator, the same is not true for conference interpreting. You will need equipment not as accessories to your convention, but as an essential element of the whole meeting. You may go the easy way and ask us to do the job on your behalf. Of course, we have the contacts and the experience in the market that will make life easy for you. In other words, you simply ask us to rent this equipment and have the world ready to serve you towards your desired success.

When we rent conference-interpreting equipment, we tend to seek proposals from multiple reputed companies in Dubai.

Types of Interpreting Equipment

The list of facilities includes:

  • transmitters,
  • microphones,
  • booths,
  • headphones,
  • receivers, and
  • others

But before we rent for you, we make sure that we receive from your part all information and details concerning your event.

These types of information will be relayed to the successful provider, and should include:

  • transmission systems used in the venue
  • number of halls and rooms
  • type of onsite expertise needed
  • screens and displays
  • number of speakers
  • number of interpreters
  • number of attendees
  • area to be covered by equipment
  • technical issues related to event

We choose for you the most affordable and appropriate installations depending on many factors. For these installations to be compatible, we opt for single one corporate provider to have them all ready at your disposal in the specified venue at the set time.

As the success of your event will mean another success story for our services, we will be happy to put at your disposal every means available to us to make your event a resounding success. Please go ahead and contact our customer service team to take the necessary arrangements.