Corporate Social Responsibility

- Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Elaph Translation, we strongly believe in the essential role corporate social responsibility [CSR] plays in social development. Powered by Elaph Translation, we realize how essential to cultural exchange, global peaceful dialogue and knowledge dissemination is the role contributed by language professionals, translators and interpreters and writers content developers.

Acting on such firm belief, Elaph Translation and Training has declared 2018 as the Year of Corporate Social Responsibility. Proactively, we designed, announced and launched a series of CSR training and employment initiates to support different categories of learners in their pursuit of personal and professional growth.

Our CSR initiatives aim to enrich the Arab LTC community by empowering LTC professionals. We help initiatives’ target audience build technical capabilities, acquire technical know-how and industry information and, above all, get qualified for professional employment.

To date, we developed Maris (Arabic word for practice) for fresh graduates of translation, Tamayazz (Arabic word for excel) for undergraduates of language and translation major and Shift Masarak (Arabic word for shift your route). In employment, we announced our support to Determined People [people with special needs].