Benefits of Translating Websites

We don’t stop at the point of translation.

Elaph Translation discusses with you your needs. And upon your instructions, we consider many factors that enhance the web visibility of your website.

So instead of considering only your copy from textual aspect, you also take into consideration audience, medium, visuals, and others.

What is more?

website translation

We also take into account SEO effects. That is how to make your website more visible by Google among search page results.

This way you leverage the effect of online presence, so your potential customers find you easily.

A website communicating with its visitors with their language is more likely to sell. And it is more likely to have a decent google rank if search engine optimization is taken care of.

You ask why is it so important to consider website translation?

It is true that even with only translating your website you get better traffic. And it is also true that for a website of their own language a visitor would turn into a lead, and the lead into a convert.

But there is more to it.

Companies are found to have relatively low traffic, despite that they have a multilingual website.

You wonder why is that?

The reason is that they don’t take SEO into their plan when translating their webcopy.

They simply don’t have a keyword research plan in place.Keywords are hallmarks that guide your searchers to your website.

So instead of opting only for translation, Elaph translation gives you the possibility of considering SEO from the very start of the process.

Not only this.

You can choose to go a further step in our translation partnership and ask for maximizing your online presence. With this approach, we move into a second stage.

In this stage, blogs are prepared for your website and published. More of this can be done through adding social accounts like Facebook and twitter and the like.

By this you can account for the second most crucial factor in search engine optimization, ie. backlinking or the so called inbound links. Such links serve as recommendations for your website authority.

Your website will have many backlinks so it has better page rank in google search.

Is that all.

Of course not.

Our business partnership can go further and further.

Give us a call or send us your copy to translate with google in mind.